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Sapphire Beach

Rem 11 Smith Bay EE 00802
00802 Smith Bay

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Space available23 ac


With over 2,770 linear feet of beachfront. Multi-use zoned, including zoned R-3, this property offers an opportunity for the development of condos, hotel, timeshare and /or villas.

About Hotel Develolpment Act:

The Virgin Islands Hotel Development Program is designed to assist in the development of hotels, resorts and related hotel facilities to increase opportunities in tourism enterprises in the U.​​​​​S.​​​​​ Virgin Islands so as to facilitate and to accelerate opportunity for employment in these enterprises


About USVI Tax Incentives:    

The goal of the EDC is to provide the necessary incentives for business expansion or relocation to the USVI.​​​​​  

Companies who are granted benefits under the USVI EDC program can qualify for the following incentives:

  • 90% credit against corporate income tax due on income derived by the business granted benefits;
  • 90% credit against personal income tax due on distributions from the business granted benefits for bona fide resident owners of the U.​​​​​S.​​​​​ Virgin Islands;
  • Reduction in the customs duty from the standard 6% to 1%;
  • 100% exemption from excise tax;
  • 100% exemption from real property taxes due on property used in the business;
  • 100% exemption from gross receipts tax (currently imposed at a rate of 5%)
  • Tax reduction on royalty income from software developed in the USVI and sold to non-US customers.






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