Ref 626424

Sports & Edutainment District (SED)

300 E Church St
Orlando, FL, 32801

Size0.06-1.81 ac

Property Details

Lease Description

The Orlando Sports & Edutainment District is a highly programmed and amenitized community where residents, students, visitors and tenants experience “tomorrow’s tech,” today! Living-as-a-Service™, or LaaS™ – the proprietary platform created for the District – is the first bundled entertainment, housing transportation, hospitality, and utilities platform of its kind. Beyond a mere app, this mobile platform combines data, predictive analytics and a digital twin making life in the SED frictionless and simple. Mundane tasks of life become fun and efficient (or at least less tedious), activations and programming seem to occur just as you need them to, and your time is freed up to focus on the important things in your life. With a focus on street-level energy and a sense of community, LaaS™ will activate the District with an engaging event calendar, unobtrusive yet indispensable technology, and interactive and immersive digital media.

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